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FINE has been created by the NUE-Profits partners who are a group of industry specialists and some of Britain’s most forward-thinking farmers. Led by AgAnalyst and with the University of Lincoln as academic lead, the project is funded by Innovate UK and will benefit the entire farming industry.

One of the core aims of FINE is to make Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) a metric that farmers are able to measure and monitor on every farm.


At present, scientific expertise in soil science, the growing crop, Internet of Things (IoTs), Earth Observation (EO) - and not to mention the field data from the farm itself - is separated into individual silos that are almost impossible for farmers and agronomists to access, integrate and create insights from. 


FINE connects these thus far disconnected silos through the collaboration of the NUE-Profits group who are "best in-class" experts in each of their fields.

FINE will provide farmers and agronomists with a single online service where they can access the combined expertise of the NUE-Profits group along with the field data from their farm so that they can make timely fertiliser interventions bespoke to each of their fields. This will allow farmers to use the right amount of Nitrogen, in the right part of the field, at the right time, optimising NUE, yield and protein in wheat.

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Become a FINE participant

We have a wide distribution of FINE participants throughout England and Scotland but are always looking for more farms to join and be part of our trials.

If you want to measure and manage your NUE and become a  FINE participant, please fill out the form below and we will contact you with more details.


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