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The Framework for Improving Nitrogen Efficiency project will be led by Clive Blacker, a precision farming business agronomist and one of the founders of AgAnalyst.


AgAnalyst was established with a vision to make data science truly accessible to farmers. The founders bring more than 100 years of expertise in agronomy, precision farming, database management, data science and farm management. They advocate for true digital independence for farmers, empowering them and their advisors to achieve mastery of the data from their farming operations and their fields. AgAnalyst provides farmers with analytics which inform their decisions to drive farm efficiencies, as well as the potential to realise new revenue streams from public goods; lower NOx emissions, cleaner water and biodiversity.

Using their farm data integration platform DataBalerAgAnalyst will:

  • Ingest, process and disseminate all of the project data both to partners and farmers

  • Design a scouting app where participants can upload their trial data from the field

  • Create analytics where participants can analyse and interpret the results and Nitrogen recommendations for their fields

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For more information on AgAnalyst and their farm data integration platform, DataBaler, please send an email to

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