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Dyson Farming is a leading farm management company, owning its own farms, and providing a unique range of services to farmers/farm owners, combining multi-disciplined research capabilities for agri-businesses, including agronomy, observational and demo trials.  

Dyson Farming Research is a team of experts in soil and crop management who help forward-thinking farmers achieve better productivity and enhanced profitability.  


Through access to the latest science, data, ideas and thinking, they equip decision-makers with the authoritative, independent information needed to adopt a smarter approach to sustainable, successful crop management. 

With experience and high level expertise in trial work on their farms across Lincolnshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, Dyson Farming will be able to:

  • Provide large quantity sites for detailed, replicated on farm trials work. 

  • Collate detailed crop assessments of trial areas through their designated trial assessment team

  • ‘Test driving’ any potential NUE systems in a commercial scenario 


In addition to being a central trials hub for validating the methods used to develop FINE, Dyson Farming will also be a key knowledge exchange partner, helping to disseminate FINE into the farming industry via their own established network of farming clients.

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