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Assimila is a specialist SME focussing on the use of quantitative Earth Observation (EO) and environmental modelling to solve practical problems in environment and climate. Working closely with leading universities, Assimila translate cutting edge research into practical applications, developing innovative techniques to transform data into useful information for sustainable environmental management.


As a partner of the NUE-Profits group, Assimila will be deploying the Assimila Crop Analysis System (ACROPALIS) which harnesses satellite and weather data, and couples it with crop models providing a wide range of crop intelligence products and services including:

  • field bench-marking

  • crop yield forecasts

  • canopy cover data

  • information about key stages in crop development

ACROPALIS will be continuously fine-tuned and improved throughout the project by farmers taking weekly Nitrogen measurements in their trial fields. This will ground-truth Assimila's satellite data and enable ACROPALIS to produce more accurate forecasts and therefore provide better recommendations for farmers on the timing and amount of fertiliser to apply.

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