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Academic lead for the project University of Lincoln (UoL) is home to one of the largest EU academic agri-robotics group leveraged by the award of a 50 PhD EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training with Cambridge, UEA; and a £6.4M Research England grant to create Lincoln Agri Robotics (LAR). LAR comprises a team of 30 agri-robotics specialist staff and is the world's first global centre of excellence in agricultural robotics.


The UoL team has a substantial track record in developing robotic technology for agri-tech applications and autonomous systems. Cited as world leading in BEIS Innovation strategy, UoL brings computer vision (Greg Cielniak, PI), machine learning (Miao Yu), nitrogen agronomy (Reshmi Gaju), soil science (Iain Gould) and farming systems / knowledge exchange (Simon Pearson / Louise Manning) expertise.

UoL will host in-depth trials starting from April 2024 which will include:

  • Measuring soil nitrogen at the start and end of the season (Autumn, Spring and late Summer of each year). 

  • Measuring leaf area over the season (three time points). 

  • Quadrat sampling for crop nitrogen (including grain) (two time points). 

  • Phenology SPAD and plant height to be measured (regular intervals). 

  • Measuring soil gas release (regular intervals). 

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