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Hill Court Farm research

Hill Court Farm Research (HCFR) is an independent laboratory established in 2003 specialising in environmental and agricultural research with particular emphasis on crop nutrition. With extensive knowledge of soil chemistry and plant physiology, HCFR has a proven track record in the development of practical analytical tests that help farmers improve their nutrient use efficiency, particularly for Nitrogen. 

HCFR will provide in-field measurements from soil and crop nutrient analyses which is required to ground-truth remote-sensing data and subsequently inform fertiliser recommendations. By using their own in-house tests and data interpretation techniques, HCFR will provide the project with accurate results for:

  • Nitrogen Use Efficiency

  • Nitrogen Uptake Use Efficiency

  • Nitrogen flows throughout the season between the soil, organic matter and crop

  • Nutrient balances of both the soil and crop

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